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Information required to contact the UK offices of iLS (London UK) Ltd. (the “Firm”) can be found under Contacts.

Professional Rules

The Firm is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) (SRA no. 651412) and is subject to the SRA Standards and Regulations. Information on the SRA’s Standards and Regulations, including the SRA Principles, Firm and Solicitors’ Codes of Conduct and arrangements regarding reporting concerns can be found at These regulations should be read in conjunction with the various legislative instruments of the UK Parliament (to which the regulations make reference) which also govern the conduct of the Firm.

For more information about the identity of the directors (and of the non-directors who are designated as partners) of the Firm and their qualifications, please write to Any reference to a partner means a director, or a consultant or employee with equivalent standing and qualifications, of the Firm.

All partners practising at the Firm are admitted as Solicitors of England and Wales and registered with the SRA and are also qualified as Italian lawyers.

For further information on our people and their professional qualifications, please see our People section.

Financial Services

We are not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. However, we can undertake certain activities in relation to other investments which are limited in scope and incidental to our legal services or which may reasonably be regarded as a necessary part of our legal services.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

We have professional indemnity insurance taken through Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality SE under Policy n° P21A263622P (registered in 60 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0HR). The territorial coverage will extend to acts or omissions arising out of the Firm’s professional business wherever they occur.

Price Transparency Disclosure

The SRA transparency rules require law firm working in any of the following areas must display prices and service information:

  • Conveyancing (residential)
  • Probate (uncontested)
  • Motoring offences (summary offences)
  • Immigration (excluding asylum)
  • Employment tribunals (unfair/wrongful dismissal)
  • Debt recovery (up to £100,000)
  • Licensing applications (business premises)

The Firm does not normally provide legal services in the aforementioned areas.


We are committed to providing the highest quality of service. If you are a client and you have any concerns or complaints about any of the services we provide to you, we would like to discuss them with you and try to resolve them as soon as possible. Initially, we suggest that you contact the person responsible for the particular matter. However, if you do not want to do that or if your discussions with that person do not resolve your issues, then the Firm has a complaints procedure, which is summarised below.

If a client suggests they have a complaint, or states that they would like to make a complaint, the Firm will prove to them a client complaint form which is easy for clients to use and understand.

All client complaint forms are forwarded to a director of the Firm acting as Complaints Manager.

The Complaints Manager will open a separate file for the complaint and will then investigate the complaint, by asking the relevant members of staff to reply to the complaint or provide further details.

The Complaints Manager will acknowledge the complaint within five working days from the date of receipt of the client complaint form and will invite the complainant to a meeting to discuss the complaint and attempt to resolve it. In any case the Firm will send a response to the complainant within eight weeks from the date of the complaint.

If the complainant is not able or does not want to attend a meeting, the Complaints Manager will explain in writing, and if possible, also by telephone, the outcome of their investigations and a suggestion for resolving the complaint.

If a meeting is held, the Complaints Manager will write to the complainant within two working days of the meeting, confirming the discussions that took place and any solutions that have been agreed. A letter sent to the complainant at this stage will contain details of what to do if the complainant is still unhappy. The complainant will be asked to write a ‘secondary complaint letter’ to the Firm explaining why they are unhappy with the conclusion.

The Firm will then arrange for a review of the Complaints Manager’s decision. This will happen in one of the following ways:

  • another director of the Firm or senior member of staff will review the complaint, and if necessary, re-investigate the details of the complaint; or
  • the local Law Society or another firm of solicitors will be asked to review the complaint.

The Complaints Manager will ask the complainant to agree to independent mediation.

The Complaints Manager will write to the complainant within five working days of the conclusion of the review, detailing the outcome of the review, and what the Firm’s final position is with regards to the complaint.

If the matter is still not resolved at the conclusion of our complaints process, you may be entitled to apply to the court for an assessment of a bill under Part III of the Solicitors Act 1974 and/or to ask the Legal Ombudsman of England and Wales (“LeO”) to consider your complaint. Normally you would need to contact the LeO within six months of the conclusion of our complaints process. You can contact the LeO by telephone on 0300 555 0333 (or +44 121 245 3050, if calling from outside the UK), by email at or by post at PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton WV1 9WJ. Details about eligibility to complain to the LeO and further information on the procedures involved can be found at

If you have concerns about our behaviour you can raise these directly with the SRA.  Further information is available here.

Value Added Tax Identification Number

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